Medical records, home addresses, salary details and all financial data are considered confidential waste. According to the law, confidential waste must be disposed of properly under data protection law, and there are laws that criminalize the improper disposal of documents with confidential content. These sensitive documents must be shredded before disposal to protect the confidentiality of customers or employees. Nothing is more troublesome than destroying documents with a desktop shredder. A secure shredding service eliminates the need to remove staples and paper clips from your documents before they enter the shredder. We strategically place secure shredder collection bins in your office so that records can be disposed of quickly. Depending on how much information your organization needs to shred, security capture containers are collected daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Then we destroy your documents within our secure chain of custody. Nothing burns more easily than paper. Piles of stacks of paper in cabinets and corners are very dangerous. Regular deletion and professional shredding of old and unwanted documents helps prevent paper waste and fire hazards. Data destruction is one of the best ways to prevent identity theft and protect your confidential information, as well as other benefits of destruction. Take a look at five reasons why you should shred your documents.

Many important documents have an expiration date to ensure they are up to date. Once these expire, you must destroy them as soon as you have your updated version. These documents include passports, driver`s licenses, copies of birth certificates and insurance policies. Your customers entrust you with their personal, medical and financial information. Thus, a document shredding policy gives your customers peace of mind that their information will be destroyed safely. All our documents have their own lifespan if you need to keep them close at hand. But once this time has passed, it is advisable to destroy these documents. Each of your documents contains personal information. If this information falls into the wrong hands, it can be bad news for you and your identity. You might even be surprised that just because you throw away a document doesn`t mean you`re fully protected. It`s legal for people to rummage through other people`s garbage, which can give them access to your discarded personal documents. 4.

Bank statements: All documents containing bank account numbers must be properly disposed of and shredded. This includes paper bank statements, old bank statements, and anything else that contains your personal or business bank details. An office full of documents and boxes full of files can hurt employee productivity and morale, creating a sense of organization and neglect. Shredding reduces unnecessary paper waste, keeping your business efficient and positive. Maintaining an internal shredding program for your business can be costly. If you shred your private documents internally, you end up paying someone else to power a shredder. Outsourcing the destruction of your paper saves you money in the long run. Professional shredding services such as DataShield are responsible for managing the entire process from start to finish, allowing you and your employees to be more productive.

The destruction of documents helps maintain good security and also facilitates recycling. Shredded paper can be packaged and picked up by recycling companies to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. We all want to do our best to protect Mother Nature, don`t we? By shredding your unnecessary papers and documents, you are essentially helping to reduce the amount of trees to be cut down. Paper that is shredded and recycled is used to make more paper. Shredded paper is also a perfect material for composting. The law allows companies to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of their employees and customers. Hard copies containing personal data will be more easily accessible than those stored in a database, locked and secured with passwords. It is therefore all the more important to ensure that these documents do not fall into the wrong hands. In management and human resources, there are countless confidential employee documents. Whether it`s disciplinary information, salary charts, details about severance packages, salary reviews and many more, the list can be quite long. If one of them comes out, they could potentially cause chaos and distrust in the workplace. To protect employees from such devastation and ensure they feel safe in the things they keep private, shredding is important.

Shredding and shredding are very important nowadays. There is a serious risk if you do not dispose of your documents properly and safely. Below is a list of reasons why you should shred your confidential documents. There are laws that punish organizations that carelessly throw away their papers, especially those that contain confidential personal information. These companies are legally required to protect the privacy of individuals` personal data, otherwise they face legal and financial implications. To avoid this, papers must be shredded when disposing of documents to damage them completely, thus protecting the personal data of employees and customers. Wondering what kind of documents should go through the shredder? Here are some examples: There are a number of things that should be done before shredding. Make sure that some documents do not need to be kept for several years.

When they no longer need to be stored, run them through the shredder. Finally, our confidential shredding services will save you time and effort. By letting us destroy your documents on your behalf, you save valuable time and effort. This gives employees more time to focus on actual tasks and go about their typical daily work. Whether it`s your customers` private information or your own, it`s essential to protect confidential documents.