Provides information and legal assistance to seniors in Maricopa County. Volunteer lawyers and trained lawyers can assist clients with all legal matters such as government benefits, consumer matters, wills, estate and guardianship. As a public authority, the Attorney General`s Office cannot provide legal advice or representation to individuals, but retains data on consumer complaints to identify new trends and can lead to measures to enforce consumer protection. Additional information Once a complaint has been filed, the Office`s legal staff will review it and most likely send it to the company for response. The Company is required to return a written response to the complaint. The ATO passes this on to the consumer. If the business does not respond or the matter remains unresolved, one of the office`s voluntary adjudicators may attempt to negotiate a solution that both the business and the consumer find acceptable. If the arbitration fails, the consumer may consider filing a claim on their own, with or without a lawyer. Tucson and Pima County have several legal aid services to help low-income people. Often, these voluntary organizations have income requirements to be eligible for support.

Check out their websites or call the organizations for more information. Some organizations also provide guidance on possible sources of support. The Arizona State Bar sponsors free legal advice programs throughout Arizona throughout the year to make legal services more accessible to the general public. The Volunteer Lawyers Program provides quality civil law services to claimants whose income is close to the poverty line. If you have a civil law problem, we may be able to help. In general, we serve low-income clients. If you are not sure, please apply and we can verify it. We attach great importance to serving victims of crime. Civil legal aid helps ensure fairness for everyone involved in the justice system, no matter how much money you have. It provides access to legal aid to people to protect their livelihoods, health and families.

Civil legal assistance connects Americans to a range of services, including legal advice and advocacy, self-help centers and other court services, free legal clinics and pro bono support, as well as access to online information and forms that guide them through complex court proceedings. In this way, civil legal aid helps Americans protect their livelihoods, health, and families. We are committed to ensuring that members of low-income communities have access to civil legal aid because we know that equal access to justice promotes family stability, strengthens neighbourhoods and improves the quality of life in all our communities. Provides services to people who have experienced discrimination in a housing situation. You can provide information and application forms to people who have been discriminated against or legally deport people who need extra help. Arizona`s only national hotline for victims and survivors of domestic violence. Available Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. With knowledgeable staff, articling students and volunteers with over 20 years of experience in legal representation. The staff of the Legal Helpline is NOT a lawyer and cannot provide legal advice. Can provide information to Spanish-speaking callers.

Confidential and secure. SALA provides free civil legal aid to low-income individuals and families in southern and southeastern Arizona, including 11 Native American tribes in Arizona. The starting point is Here, the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education and the State Bar, in partnership with many legal organizations, offer a place to seek legal aid, get answers to legal questions, download court forms, and more. You can also call 866.637.5341 to apply for legal aid by phone. For more useful information, see,, and The library offers self-help books and research guides to help with legal research. You can also read for more information on legal issues in Arizona. Looking for a free civil attorney in southern or southeast Arizona? Find out if you qualify and apply for online services today. Provides services to victims of a crime prosecuted by the Attorney General`s Office.

Victims can contact the office individually, preferably in advance. There is no charge. These services are provided by qualified lawyers. Some of the services offered by the Office include, but are not limited to; Provide information on filing protection orders and anti-harassment injunctions, help apply for compensation from your local victim compensation office, assist and assist with all criminal proceedings, and assist with hearings, testimonies or interviews. The Arizona Foundation for Legal Service & Education promotes access to justice for all Arizonans. The CBAA promotes economic self-sufficiency for low-income individuals through several member organizations and provides information on where to get help. For immediate release – August 15, 2022The Board of Directors of Community Legal Services (Arizona) is pleased to announce the appointment of Sharon E. Sergeant, Associate Director and Public Service Counsel, as its new Executive Director. Free legal advice| Find a lawyer | Legal aid | Choosing a lawyer| Legal Resources Community legal services can help Arizonans qualify for certain types of civil cases. The Arizona Secretary of State`s office manages many services, including: registering business transactions, securing elections, and hosting the Address Confidential program.

The Arizona Corporation Commission Securities Division is a government agency that protects Arizonans from investment fraud. Provides information and locations from Arizona food banks. SALA relies on volunteers like you. Whether you are a law firm, an individual practitioner or a law student, you have the opportunity to change a life. Volunteer Tax Assistance (MOI) locations in the Greater Phoenix Area will be virtual for the remainder of the year. Download the Phoenix Metro VITA pages and information here. The ACLU of Arizona represents cases of clients who have a major impact on the community as a whole due to limited resources. To better understand what types of cases are accepted and how the ACLU can review a case, visit them online. Secretary of State of Arizona Tucson Office 400 W Congress St, FL 1, Ste 141, Tucson, AZ 85701 Phone Number: (520) 628-6583 „Most Americans don`t know that your home can be taken away from you, your children can be taken from you, and you can be a victim of domestic violence, but you don`t have the constitutional right to a lawyer to protect you.“ Arizona Center for Disability Law – Tucson 177 N Church Ave, Ste 800, Tucson, AZ 85701 Phone Number: (520) 327-9547 Toll Free: (800) 922-1447 The Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness builds the capacity of local communities to respond to homelessness through national leadership, technical assistance, and advocacy. Office of the Attorney General of Arizona (Prescott) 1000 Ainsworth Dr, Ste A-210, Prescott, AZ 86305-1610 Phone Number: (928) 778-1265 Avondale Victim Assistance Unit Avondale City Attorney`s Office, 124 South Fourth St, Avondale, AZ 85323 Phone Number: 623-333-7219 Arizona Coalition to End Sexual & Domestic Violence Legal Advocacy Hotline, Statewide, AZ Phone Number: (602) 279-2900 or (800) 782-6400Toll Free: (602) 279-7270 Our telephone banks are open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Calls are returned Monday to Friday from 9 a.m.

to 3 p.m. The ALC is closed on most public holidays. The Arizona Attorney General`s Office has jurisdiction over almost every type of product or service, encouraging consumers who believe they have been scammed by a company to file a complaint with (click „Consumer“ and then „File a Complaint“). After the complaint is filed. Consumers who have questions about the complaint procedure or who wish to receive a printed copy of the complaint form by mail can contact the Consumer Information and Complaints Office: there are several ways to find a lawyer to represent you. You can ask friends and family for recommendations, check the phone book, or search the internet for local lawyers. In addition, there are many referral services for lawyers. ASASF`s mission is to raise awareness of domestic violence and provide support services to victims of domestic violence in the South Asian community of Arizona, emphasizing the importance of a safe home environment.

Your donations help extend services to those who would otherwise not have access to equal justice. Support SALA today! Do you have stimulus payments and other tax issues? Free help is available for those who qualify.