Legal Services The Naval Legal Services Office (NLSO) has moved from Bldg. 200H, Naval Health Clinic to Bldg. 2, Suite 100. NLSO regularly provides legal defence and assistance. Emergency legal advice and support is available. The telephone number of the officer on duty is 847-688-4753, ext. 111; DSN 312-792-4753 ext. 111. Clients can obtain powers of attorney and authentication services without an appointment during normal business hours. Emerging legal issues can also be dealt with without an appointment, depending on the availability of the lawyer. All other questions require an appointment, which can be arranged at 847-688-4753 ext. 111 during regular business hours.

The NSSO has entrusted the Regional Legal Service (RLSO) with the task of providing legal assistance. Legal assistance services include wills and powers of attorney as well as consumer, family, landlord-tenant and pirated credit law issues. Anyone stationed at the Naval Station Great Lakes is at risk of prosecution if they do not fully comply with the rules of the armed forces. In such a situation, Waddington and Gonzalez should be contacted, as their years of experience and legal expertise can prove extremely useful. In October 2012, the Judge Advocate General Corps reorganized the Naval Legal Services Command (NWSC) to meet the Navy`s evolving needs for expedition legal support while continuing to provide quality military justice service. To prepare the JAG Corps for the challenges ahead, the JAG Corps replaced the Naval Legal Service Offices (NLSO) with Defense Service Offices (DSOs). The mission of the DSO will be to defend military personnel in military justice proceedings, to represent them on boards of directors and to provide other representative services, including advice on extrajudicial sanctions and adverse personnel actions. Building 2, Suite 300(847) The Legal Aid Office provides legal advice, command descriptions and notarial services to serving personnel, retired military personnel and dependants. Reservists are entitled to pre-deployment legal assistance (wills, powers of attorney, lawyers under the Soldiers and Seamen Civil Relief Act) and are entitled to all services while on active duty for 30 consecutive days or more. Legal assistance is currently provided for personal legal matters, including but not limited to: For this reason, every person at the Naval Station Great Lakes should first consult a legal expert should they ever find themselves in such a situation. Gonzalez and Waddington are expanding their services to all men and women serving at the Great Lakes Naval Base and are working hard to protect the rights of military personnel.

The mission of the Naval Legal Services Office, North Central Detachment (NLSO), Great Lakes, is to provide quality legal services and advice to support the operational readiness of Marine, Marine Corps and Coast Guard commands and authorized individuals in the NPO`s area of responsibility in a timely manner. courteous and professional. The types of services provided by the NPO are defense, claims and legal assistance. The naval commands will retain their current support as judge advocate. The RSLOs will continue to provide court martial proceedings and legal advice to naval and facility commanders, as well as tenant commandos such as ships and squadrons. Telephone 847-688-3805 ext. 111 Telephone (DSN) 792-4753 Fax 847-688-2564 Fax (DSN) 792-2564 NAVSTA Great Lakes was founded in 1911 and has been responsible for training naval personnel for over 100 years. NAVSTA Great Lakes is home to the Recruit Training Command (RTC) and borders North Chicago, Illinois.

NAVSTA Great Lakes covers over 1,600 acres in Lake County and is located on Illinois Route 137 (IL 137/Buckley Road). NAVSTA Great Lakes supports a population of approximately 9,000 active, dependent and civilian employees. In addition, NAVSTA Great Lakes supports a population of approximately 14,000 to 16,000 recruits and students each year. Life in the armed forces of the United States can sometimes be very difficult, as a person has to follow hundreds of rules and regulations. The armed forces are very strict about their code of conduct and almost no form of misconduct is ever ignored. Given the careful observation of the activities of members of the armed forces, it is possible that a person may be called for the slightest offence. It is also possible that the sentence imposed on the person is disproportionate, meaning that it may be more severe than the sentence the person should ideally have received. Such disproportionate punishment may have a negative impact on the individual`s life in more ways than one – he or she may have no prospect of promotion within the military. Naval Legal Assistance 2540 A Paul Jones Street Building 2, Suite 100 Great Lakes, IL 60088 Since 1996, it has been the only Navy`s training facility since the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (1993) resulted in the closure of the Naval Training Center in Orlando, Florida, and the Naval Training Center in San Diego. in California. Nearly forty thousand recruits complete Great Lakes Recruit Training Command each year, and approximately seven thousand people are recruited at the facility at any given time. The Great Lakes Recruit Training Command has been in existence for over 100 years.

Click here for military resources: Marine Corps Defense Services Org. – Lawfare The Great Lakes Training Support Centre is the Navy`s primary technical training command. It supports the Center for Surface Combat Systems, the Center for EOD and Dive, the Center for Personal Development, the Center for Naval Engineering, and the Center for Service Support. Home to the Recruit Training Command (RTC), NAVSTA Great Lakes is the largest naval training centre and home to the Navy`s only basic training program. RTC trains about 40,000 recruits per year. In addition, NAVSTA Great Lakes is home to the Training Support Center (TSC Great Lakes), which is responsible for many of the Navy`s technical training commands, also known as Class „A“ and „C“ schools. NAVSTA Great Lakes also supports several Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) learning sites, including the Center for Surface Combat Systems and the Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School. Request for services Eligible individuals who require assistance must select the appropriate link above and follow the instructions contained therein. Many services are available on foot, such as notarial services and powers of attorney. However, it is recommended that people call first to ensure that their special needs can be met without an appointment with a lawyer.

Other services are available by appointment. Military commandos who require assistance must submit a letter requesting services. Please select the appropriate letter below and forward it to the Naval Legal Services Bureau (NLSO). For a full explanation, the NLSO statement for service request should be reviewed. Mon – Fri 7:30 am – 4:00 pm Sat & Sun – closed Holidays – closed The Naval Legal Services Bureau, North Central Detachment (NLSO), primary geographic responsibility for the Great Lakes: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and Canada (provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories only). This naval base can be considered a separate city as it has a fire department, a public works department and naval security forces. A number of different training schools are also located here, such as Fire Controller, Machine Repairman, Journeyman Machinist and Machine Gun Journeyman. Naval Station Great Lakes is a naval training camp located in Lake County, Illinois, United States. The original 39 buildings were designed by a man named Jarvis Hunt and built in 1905 and 1911.

This realignment will change the way seafarers receive defence services at 12 locations in the fleet. This change will be similar to how seafarers currently receive personal defence services while at sea. Seafarers requesting defence services, such as representation before courts martial or boards of directors, will contact a lawyer by telephone or other remote communication technology, and a subsequent one-on-one consultation will be arranged as required. These places are Everett, Whidbey Island, Port Hueneme, Lemoore, Corpus Christi, New Orleans, Millington, Kings Bay, Guantanamo Bay, Newport, Earle and Sigonella. Served two general officers, 59 ROTC units and over 100 Navy commands in an area of 16 states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. Lawyers are prohibited from advising on private business ventures and anti-government cases. In addition, lawyers cannot offer telephone advice, except in remote areas.