Oregon Rules of Court – State (Vol. I) provides federal court rules, including: Shipments cannot be returned and no credit will be issued more than 30 days after receipt. Subscriber enrollment in the automatic subscription program can be cancelled at any time by: by returning the invoice with the note „CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION“; Call customer service at 800-833-9844; or by e-mail to customer.support@lexisnexis.com. Other Useful LinksOregon Women Lawyers (OWLS)Oregon Association of Defense CounselOregon Secretary of State Corporations DivisionState Agencies DirectoryOregon Legal Research BlogOregon Mediation Association If subscribers cancel within 30 days of ordering or receiving the product and return it at their own expense, they will receive a full credit of the annual subscription price. The Total Price includes the Products listed in the Order Form and any Updates for a limited period (minimum period of 30 days) after placing the order („Order Window“). Shipping and handling charges are not included in the total price. Notice of the CourtOregon Court of Appeals Oregon Supreme Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit E-books, CDs, downloadable content, and software purchases from the U.S. Supreme Court are non-cancellable, non-refundable, or returnable. Click here for more information on LexisNexis eBooks. EBook versions of this title may contain links to Lexis+ ® for additional legal research options.

A valid Lexis+ ® subscription is required to access this content. Subscription automatically renews without the subscriber having to do anything Subscribers will receive the products listed on the order form and updates made available during the annual subscription period. Shipping and handling charges are not included in the annual price. Subscribers can cancel this subscription by calling customer service at 800-833-9844; customer.support@lexisnexis.com sending emails; or return the invoice with the note „CANCEL“. With the auto-renewal option, subscribers receive a renewal notification that includes the cost of the next annual subscription at least 60 days before each renewal date. The renewal price will likely include a slight increase from last year`s subscription price. All shipments may be returned at the subscriber`s expense against full price credit within 30 days of receipt. The return of a shipment other than the original purchase will not result in the cancellation of the subscriber`s subscription. After the order window, all updates will be automatically sent to the subscriber with an invoice at the full price then in effect on a semi-annual or annual basis as soon as the updates are available. The subscriber can expect a price increase compared to the current selling price. The selling price does not and will not include shipping and handling.

Subscribers are informed of the number of updates made to each publication in the previous year. The number of updates may vary due to legislative developments and other publishing issues, but subscribers can use it as a rough estimate of future deliveries. Subscribers can call customer service at 800-833-9844 for more information. District CourtsMultnomah County Circuit CourtWashington County Circuit Court Clackamas County Columbia County Circuit Court After the order window, subscribers will receive notification of updates along with the current total price and ordering process as updates become available. Subscribers will only receive the updates they specifically request. If subscribers cancel between 31 and 60 days after the billing date and return the product at their own expense, they will receive a credit of 5/6 of the annual subscription price. For cancellations more than 60 days after the invoice date, no credit will be granted. In order to receive a credit, the subscriber must return all products shipped during the year at his expense within the aforementioned applicable withdrawal period. AnwaltskammerMultnomah Bar AssociationWashington County Bar AssociationClackamas County Bar AssociationOregon State Barcodes, Statuten und RegelnOregon Revised StatutesOregon Administrative RulesUniform Rules of Trial CourtsFederal Rules of Circuitry Court Additional Local RulesAdditional Local RulesOregon Civil Procedure Rules.